Please send your registration and abstract submission forms by the end of May 2018, so that we can include your summary in the events' brochures.

Submit a copy of your electronic presentation which has to be in Microsoft Power Point by 20/06/2018 in order to be transferred on our laptop.

You can email it to , mentioning the name of the conference. If you intend to use animation / video links, do let us know to ensure that we can run your presentation. If your presentation is bigger, please allow plenty of time before your talk for your slides to be copied onto our own computer.


Delivering a presentation at Cancer Conferences meetings gives our audience a chance to listen to and discuss your experiences, and benefit from your pragmatic explanation. We hope it gives you as well an opportunity to take advantage of the networking as it is what the conference aims to provide.

Please read the following points which can assist you in making your session as successful and pleasant as possible.


Less is better! Your slides should reflect the most significant points and information you are bringing to attention. We recommend you to bring posters for your colleagues to be able to analyze anytime your work during the conference. Please do let us know in time the size of it. Your presentation should not be sales oriented. This is unpopular with delegates for obvious reason.


  • As soon as you arrive at the hotel, please do let the reception know that you are there for the conference. They will contact us and we will meet you in order to have your presentation in time for the conference.
  • Please try to be present during the break before your presentation begins so that you can run one more time through your slides, or if you need to make some changes. We always aim to start the sessions promptly at the published times.
  • Refer to earlier sessions so that the conference flows together.
  • Please explain any acronyms or terms used within your presentation. Cancer Conferences attracts delegates from a vast international arena who may not be familiar with certain terms.
  • Adopt a natural presentation style. Interactivity helps to make the meetings informal and friendly.